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New support opportunities for Life Sciences and Technology firms in Highlands & Islands

Highlands and Islands Enterprise (HIE) have announced a new round of applications for their programme to help businesses in the life sciences and technology sphere.  Their free development programme is open to SMEs across the Highlands and Islands region and targeted at firms in the life sciences, healthcare, animal health, aquaculture technology, IT, and engineering sectors. Support is for six months. 

These sectors are of crucial importance to the Highlands and Islands and this opportunity will be well-timed for many businesses who have fought challenges recently due to Covid and Brexit. HIE state that they are particularly interested in businesses who want to contribute to improving the environment or develop a circular business model and the transition to a net zero economy. 

Particularly in light of the upcoming COP26 summit, many businesses are looking more carefully at their environmental footprint and their wider ESG obligations.  

The developments which HIE aim to facilitate are exciting and will be of benefit to an area which has massive natural capital. Development in these sectors in the Highlands and Islands also aims to, importantly, nurture sustainable development for our local communities.  

The application deadline is December 14.

Whether you are a business active in these areas or a community organisation or a provider of funding to organisations striving to achieve their ESG targets, we are happy to chat with you and discuss further. 

Life sciences and technology firms, particularly those looking to tackle climate change, are being encouraged to consider applying for the latest Pathfinder Accelerator Programme from Highlands and Islands Enterprise (HIE).