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Time to strike?

With less than one week to go before COP26 commencing, the potential for strike action in key services in and around Glasgow continues to take headlines. 

It may seem opportune to threaten to strike at this time, when such a strike could have a significant impact; does that make the strike unlawful?  Possibly not, but there are many different strict requirements for the workforce to meet if a strike is to be lawfully called (and not risk unlawful action, which can expose the individuals who withhold their labour and also the union(s) calling labour out).  

Aside from the need for a ballot concerning a trade dispute, action has to be authorised by the union’s rules and then specifically called out, industrial action and strike action should typically be seen as a last resort.  

Are we at the point of last resort now for train drivers, cleaners, recycling and refuse collectors?

Cleaners, refuse and recycling workers are among staff who could take industrial action from 8 November. ScotRail could also be hit by strikes from 1 November after the RMT's AGM in Leeds rejected the latest pay offer.


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