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Courting Greener Actions - a new initiative for court users in Scotland

Ahead of the start of the COP26 conference in Glasgow on 31 October 2021, Harper Macleod has launched “Greener Actions” in Scotland.  

Greener Actions is an ESG project aimed at reducing the environmental impact when resolving disputes in Scotland, within a framework of responsible Environmental, Social and Governance criteria.  

We are the sum of our actions and the initiative seeks to engage with court users across the profession in Scotland. 

This initiative will provide a forum for court users across the country to come together to identify areas in which we can use technology, innovation and legislation to reduce the carbon footprint of dispute resolution, and to form an action plan through which that change will be implemented.

We consider collaboration to be key in the success of this initiative.  We are calling on all court users and stakeholders across Scotland to join us in the launch of this exciting new initiative.  

For more information, please register your interest at or email for further details.

This initiative is about more than simply going paperless or reducing travel. It’s about making greener choices, where possible, throughout the litigation process, with the aim of meeting balanced and sustainable environmental, social and governance objectives.


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