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Over £3m awarded in latest round of funding from Marine Fund Scotland (MFS)

In the latest round of funding support for fishing businesses and coastal communities, the Marine Fund Scotland (MFS) has awarded more than £3 million. In light of the ongoing pandemic, and the impacts that this continues to have on many industries, sectors and communities, the funding will certainly be welcome news to recipients.   

The MFS, which replaced the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund (EMFF) following the UK's exit from the EU, has an annual budget of £14 million.  In comparison, the EMFF has committed over £96 million to coastal communities across Scotland since 2016, and whilst it is now closed for applications, grants will continue to be paid until 2023. 

The MFS annual budget means that all projects to benefit from the MFS must be completed by 31 March 2022, with an estimated £11 million already awarded to a wide range of project throughout Scotland.  At present, the MFS remains open for applications (having been re-opened on 8 November 2021), though anyone interested in funding should make enquiries sooner rather than later given the tight deadline involved .  

See more on the MFS and the application process. 

Around £11 million has been awarded to date across a range of projects, including supporting young fishers to enter the sea fisheries industry, enhancing sustainable aquaculture, protecting the marine environment and supporting Scotland’s coastal communities.


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