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Business Improvement Programme launched for Scottish seafood businesses

With a £100,000 funding package from the National Transition Training Fund (a fund set up by Skills Development Scotland in 2020 in light of the rise in unemployment due to the Covid-19 pandemic), Seafood Scotland has this week launched a new set of training packages for Scottish seafood businesses.

The Business Improvement Programme (the "BIP"), will support those businesses involved in the onshore activities related to the seafood industry, and is primarily aimed at upskilling and training employees so as to encourage and nurture company growth across Scotland.

Through the BIP, it is envisioned that a variety of free webinars and funded courses will be made available, looking to provide bespoke training packages to businesses.  The courses will cover four main key training areas, including areas such as "Women in Seafood in Scotland", and "Process automation and business implications".   

The programme will be delivered to current staff members over the age of 25, using flexible and hybrid methods, such as self-taught online modules and guided virtual sessions. Courses range from fish frying, knife skills and monger training to customer and human resource services, as well as guidance on business planning and strategy.


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