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Economic report details a 5% rise in UK salmon sales

In the latest economic report produced by Salmon Scotland (2021 Quarter 4) encouraging data showed that retail sales of UK salmon increased to £1.1bn last year.

Interestingly, the report suggests that part of this rise in UK market demand for salmon, may in fact be attributable to coronavirus restrictions, on the basis that consumers were believed to be "widening their at-home dining menu as out of home consumption was restricted."

The report also confirmed that the volume of Scottish salmon exports last year was back at the pre-pandemic level, although export valuations were lagging slightly behind this.  

Scottish salmon remains the UK's top food export, with an estimated 38 Scottish salmon being exported every minute, and more than £640 million being added to the economy each year.  

The industry's commitment to investing in sustainability was earmarked within the report as underpinning the encouraging economic performance.  

The report can be accessed here: here 

The total fresh chilled fish market increased by 4.2% in terms of sales to £2.6bn, but there was a slight fall in the overall fish market of 0.2% to £4.24bn.


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