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| 1 minute read

Scottish Government consultation on a Strategy for Older People

A new Government consultation has been launched for which the elderly are being asked how health and social services could be altered to assist Scotland in becoming the best place in the world to grow old. 

As part of this, the consultation will look at when would be a good time to start planning for future care needs.  While this can be a difficult thought, the process can be made simpler by putting plans in place as early as possible and one of the best ways to prepare for the future is to put in place a Power of Attorney.

Setting up a Power of Attorney is a simple and inexpensive procedure allowing you to choose who should make decisions and act on your behalf in the event that you are mentally, or even physically, unable to do so.  Usually an Attorney is a family member or close friend.  Setting up a Power of Attorney, and advising your chosen Attorney(s) what your preferences are for future care, can avoid confusion and situations where family and friends are left trying to second guess your wishes.  

Some simple planning now could mean that the only thing to worry about in future is how to fill your time once you reach retirement… in the best place in the world. 

“Older people are a vital part of ensuring Scotland's future success – essential to our communities, our economy, our public services and to society as a whole. "By working together we can place older people at the centre of the recovery, remove barriers and ensure an effective, joined up approach to healthy ageing.”


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