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GreenOffshore Tech: SMEs encouraged to apply to the first call for proposals by 6 July 2022

As part of the GreenOffshore Tech project (a cluster facilitated project with the primary purpose of supporting SME innovation and driving development of emerging "blue economy" industries), SMEs are being encouraged to submit their proposals for products, processes, or services that will support "green, clean and sustainable" offshore transport and production. 

The first open call for proposals, live between 6 April and 6 July 2022, aims to support the "development of new products, processes, or services for Green Offshore Production and Transport" by boosting innovation and directly supporting 50 SMEs and 50 SMEs innovation projects.       

To be considered, proposals must address at least one of the following four topics: 

1. Advanced Materials 

2. Advanced Manufacturing & Digitalisation (IoT, AI, Big Data)

3. Environmental Technologies (Circular economy, Waste Prevention, Reuse, Recycling, Recovery) 

4. New Energy Carriers (Hydrogen, Methanol, Ammonia, Lithium-ion Cell)  

In addition, proposals are welcomed in relation to four primary offshore markets: Offshore wind; Offshore aquaculture; Offshore oil & gas; and Waterborne transport. 

Winning project ideas will be funded with up to 60,000EUR and offered support to assist in the development of their projects.  

For more information on the call for proposals, please visit: 

SMEs with innovative business ideas to develop green, clean and sustainable products, services or processes are encouraged to apply to the first call for proposal, which aims to support up to 50 businesses. Winning project ideas will be funded with up to €60,000 and offered support to develop their projects and to collaborate with international partners to penetrate the market.


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