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Wind farm agreements announced for three sites off Shetland

As part of Crown Estate Scotland's (CES) ScotWind clearing process, three separate option agreements have been announced for seabed sites east of Shetland (covering a total seabed area of 560km2 within NE1).  The announcement came as an offshore wind supply chain summit was held in Aberdeen on 22 August 2022.  

The projects, which all utilise floating offshore technology and are expected to have the capability to power around two million homes, will see £56m in option fees paid to the Scottish Government by the applicants.  With 2.8GW of generation expected from the three projects, the fees will be split between the applicants according to the total capacity to be generated.     

Following the signing of the option agreements (expected later in 2022), CES notes that information on supply chain commitments made by each applicant (in respect of the Supply Chain Development Statements provided by each applicant) will be also published. 

Seabed agreements have been announced for three new developments in the waters around Shetland – which together are expected to generate some 2.8 gigawatts (GW) of electricity, enough to power around two million homes.


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