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More than £13m in grant funding awarded as the Marine Fund Scotland is now fully committed for the year 2022-23

With the Marine Fund Scotland (MFS) fully committed for 2022-23 and taking no further applications for the period, around £13m in grant funding has been awarded in the second year of its operation.   

The MFS, which aims to deliver on Scotland's "Blue Economy Vision" (published earlier in 2022), replaces the funding that was previously available to Scotland's fishing and marine organisations through the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund (EMFF).

Under the MFS, grant funding of between £7k and £1.2m will be delivered to around 60 projects involving Scotland's coastal communities and marine businesses (including projects focusing on the modernisation of seafood processing plants, and carbon reduction).  The MFS aims to deliver funding to those projects with a focus on contributing towards an innovative and sustainable marine economy. 

For more detail on the MFS, and for information on the beneficiaries of the MFS, visit:     

Projects include modernising a salmon and trout processing facility in order to reduce energy and water use, installation of solar panels at a seafood cold store to cut back on its carbon footprint, and process capacity building for a shellfish producer to meet the growing demand from premium markets in the US and Asia.


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