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Stats show shift on Scotland's shopping streets

Some interesting research is presented here on the impact COVID has had on Scotland's town and city centres. It puts some actual numbers on the changes of use we are seeing on a daily basis, and with a postcode searchable tool allowing a comparison of different areas across the country. 

The article confirms that "...lockdown accelerated many of the changes that were already being seen on the high street before the pandemic", and the figures reflect that, with retail taking a back seat in most areas now, and high streets featuring much more hospitality and leisure in an effort to increase footfall and bring people together in town centres.

There is a notable increase in hospitality use across the board. How will that pan out into next year? And is the explosion of beauty outlets sustainable (up 23% in Falkirk)?. 

Either way, an always interesting and constantly evolving sector to work in.

"[COVID] meant we got about five or six years of change in the space of five or six months..."


commercial property, retail, food and drink