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New figures show the extent of sexual harassment for women in the defence sector

The trade union Prospect has published the results of a survey in which it spoke to its female members who work in the defence industry to ascertain their experience of sexual harassment in the workplace. The results make for more than uncomfortable reading with 75% of respondents having witnessed or experienced sexual harassment at least once a month over the past year. In the MoD, 32% had witnessed or experienced sexual harassment several times a month and 45% of respondents working in the MoD have been sexually harassed by someone in a military grade.

Examples of the sexual harassment reported included unwanted sexual advances and insults relating to appearance and sexuality. 

That sexual harassment in the workplace remains a problem has been recognised. I recently wrote an article on the new legal duty being introduced from October this year for employers to take reasonable steps to prevent sexual harassment of their staff at work: 

Surveys such as this are a reminder of why more needs to be done to prevent sexual harassment in the workplace and why all employers need to be reflecting now on whether they have put in place the measures needed to limit the risk of sexual harassment for their staff.  

I explain more about what employers can do in the article above. The HM employment team also has experience of supporting employers to put in place appropriate anti-harassment policies and in delivering robust anti-harassment training for clients - if you require assistance with either of these or otherwise wish to take advice on the new duty, please get in touch and we would be happy to discuss.

Trade union finds 60% of female public sector workers who responded to poll said they personally experienced harassment


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