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Takeaways from the CIPD Scotland Conference 2024

My colleagues Kate Sutherland, Laura Brennen and I had the pleasure of attending the CIPD Scotland Conference 2024 on 12 March. It was a full day of meeting clients, contacts (new and old) and listening to some fascinating speakers. Here’s a few of our key takeaways from the conference:

  • Menopause and women’s health in the workplace is an issue that is going to become more prevalent and more will be expected of employers to offer support and understanding. Whilst – as described by Louise Minchin regarding her experience on BBC Breakfast News – having open discussions on menopause in the workplace is becoming normalised and should be encouraged further, there is more to be done. The next step is for there to be increased recognition of the other factors which can uniquely affect women in the workplace in relation to menstruation and related conditions, such as endometriosis. Cultures in which these topics can be discussed openly need to be fostered. A big part of this is providing managers, in particular, with the necessary knowledge to feel confident having these discussions.
  • Engagement with employees is more important than it’s ever been – and can be achieved in non-traditional ways. Lalith Wijedoru described that in the hospital he worked in during Covid they began to use storytelling sessions as a way to connect and share their experiences of the pandemic. Those that were invited to the sessions were not just doctors but included nurses, porters and other ancillary staff. By sharing their experiences via storytelling the hospital saw an increase in staff engagement, partly down to the use of storytelling and allowing other members of staff to foster empathy for others' shared experience of a difficult time.
  • It’s not all about speed at work! Slowing down and disconnecting can have significant advantages, and conversely, can lead to a much more productive and efficient workplace. Carl Honoré spoke intriguingly and convincingly about how the right pace at work is not always the fastest. That leans into the increasing trends we’ve seen towards right to disconnect and a move to considering the benefits of 4-day working weeks. 

One thing for certain is that HR professionals have a huge part to play in these – and other important cultural shifts – in the workplace. Our specialist employment team is experienced in supporting on equalities, diversity and workplace change, and would be happy to assist your organisation.  


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